The Joker: 15 Crazy Things You Didn’t Know About Heath Ledger’s Character

number 2 : Keith’s portrayal of the Joker terrified Michael Kane Keith was able to bring out the psychotic side of the villain Michael Caine played Arthur in The Dark Knight he says that he had never seen anyone play the role better than Heath in fact Pete’s performance scared him out of his mind Kane stated that between the clown makeup and Heath’s psychotic performance along with a dark sense of humor working with Heath was a frightening experience this goes to show how great Heath played the role .

number 3 : Heath was the first actor to win an Oscar for playing a villain many actors know that if you want to win an Oscar a superhero movie isn’t going to villain Oscars are typically given to actors who star in arts films or films that have very strong messages when Heath won the Oscar for his role as the Joker it took everyone by surprise because that never happens in fact he was the first and only person to win an Oscar for a performance in a superhero movie also he was the first actor in history to win an Oscar after he passed away sadly Heath didn’t live long enough to accept the award himself .