The most dangerous species found on the planet

the earth is home to many creatures some are furry sweet and adorable and some far from being furry sweet or adorable the creatures we’re going to talk about in this video are some of the most dangerous species on the entire planet first they’ll help us spread the word by cliking in share button and join to our email list so you don’t miss our future content.

number 1 : Portuguese Man O’War the Portuguese Man O’War is typically found in the Atlantic Ocean it lives on the surface of the water and moves with the tidal waves most people confuse this creature with a jellyfish but it’s much more dangerous than that if you’re stung by one of these creatures you can develop a fever and go into shock the best way to counteract the sting in the toxins is to pour salt water over the sting .

number 2 : cape buffalo the cape buffalo is also known as the african buffalo and it’s typically found in eastern and southern africa they are considered to be extremely dangerous because they’re very unpredictable and they behave very erratically they typically travel in herds and they’re recognized for their horns they’re closely related to the water buffalo but they are much more dangerous that can grow to be 6 feet long and they can weigh up to a ton it’s estimated that 200 people are killed by a cape buffalo every year .

number 3 : Giant Pacific octopus this is one of the largest octopuses octopi whatever a lot of octopuses there’s this is this is one of the biggest ones on earth anyway this octopus has eight arms and they contain two rows of suckers they use these to capture their prey because each sucker is lined with hooks and he has a mouth that contains a beak and a tongue covered with teeth their diet mainly consists of small sharks fortunately they don’t go after humans .

number 4 : cone snail if you love to collect snails the cone snail shell is not one that you want to go after the snail itself is wrapped in a beautiful shell yes but you should never pick one up to get a closer look this snail has harpoon-like teeth that can fight through anything that it touches when the snail bites it releases a venom as well and this venom can damage your nerve cells and even cause paralysis and currently there is no anti-venom available so stay away if you’re gonna be in the warm shallow water near the equator steer clear of the coral snail or cone snail .

number 5 : saw-scaled Viper this is one snake you do not want to go anywhere near it kills more people each year than any other snake it doesn’t grow to be more than a foot long but its venom is extremely poisonous this snake’s venom contains hemotoxins and cytotoxins and this can cause you to develop a bleeding disorder that can cause you to hemorrhage you won’t stop bleeding unfortunately the area where these snakes are found are areas where modern medicine isn’t available when a person’s bitten by one of these snakes they usually suffer a long painful death .

number 6 : the Africanized honeybee this is a dangerous creature but it wasn’t made by Nature this one is believe it or not man-made so it’s our fault that this deadly creature exists it’s a cross between an African honeybee and various European honey bees the bees also known as a Killer Bee for good reason the bee was developed in hopes of increasing honey production when the bee was first created in Brazil in the 1950s a swarm escaped and killed several people and they’ve been ravaging the earth ever since .

number 7 : mosquito most people find mosquitoes to be very annoying the insect is also extremely deadly they can spread deadly diseases and they’re capable of killing millions of people according to the World Health Organization an average of 725 thousand people are killed every year by mosquito-borne diseases malaria is one of the more well known diseases and it’s responsible for killing hundreds of millions of people other deadly diseases carried by mosquitos include yellow fever dengue fever and at sepal itis .

number 8 : black mamba this deadly snake is often found in southern and eastern Africa typically in rocky areas in the savannas this is the fastest snake on earth it can travel up to 12.5 miles per hour and the stakes they often won’t strike unless provoked if you are attacked by a black mamba it’ll bite you multiple times releasing venom with each strike enough to kill up to ten people there is a new anti-venom on the market but in order for it to save your life you would need to get a dose within 20 minutes of being bitten .

number 9 : feet see fly the tsetse fly is a very large fly and it feeds on animal blood they’re seen most often in tropical Africa and while the bite of this fly isn’t painful the parasite that it spreads with that bite is trypanosomes try saying that five times fast it’s what causes African sleeping sickness this disease starts with itchiness joint pain headaches and then fevers and as the weeks passed the symptoms become increasingly severe and can lead to death .

number 10 : stone fish the stone fish is one of the most dangerous fish on earth they’re often found in the coastal areas of the Indo Pacific this fish can hide easily because it has the ability to camouflage itself as a rock and that makes it very easy for a swimmer to accidentally step on it and never realize it until it’s too late if you step on a stone fish it’s going to release neurotoxins through its spines and those are very harmful fortunately there is an anti-venom that can save a swimmers life and here’s a bonus one for you the hooded seal the hooded seal is the most aggressive type of seal the males are especially aggressive and they’ve been known to attack humans and boats its primary habitat is Greenland and Newfoundland however it has been known to migrate all the way to Britain Iceland and Norway .