things you never knew about the Amish

first help us spread the word by cliking in share button and join to our email list that way you’ll don’t miss our future content, people think they know everything about the Amish there are a few misconceptions though about them that you might not know about there are other practices that actually have a purpose based on Amish beliefs so let’s take a look at some of the things you probably never knew about the Amish .

number one : some of the Amish have started using technology the Amish have a belief called go Hasson hunt and in German it translates to letting be as the reason that the Amish shun all types of technology they believe that they should use the earth as God originally intended it in the scriptures now while they do shun technology in many Amish communities have voted to use emergency technology when necessary .

number tow : the beard but no mustache you ever wondered why the Amish men grow beards but shave under their nose well the reason dates back to the 1800s back then if you had a mustache it was a sign of being a rich high society member of the community or you were in the Armed Forces since the Amish believe in letting things be the way God intended they shun all types of physical wealth and they don’t believe in fighting either so they wouldn’t want to be confused with being in the Armed Forces that’s why they shave their mustache off but they leave their natural hair beard and all .

number three : if you’re not Amish you’re English for centuries the Amish called anybody who wasn’t Amish English since the Amish are Americans they can’t just call others who are not Amish Americans when people first arrived in America they all spoke English which means that anybody who wasn’t Amish was considered English and that has continued until today .

number four : Amish teens are allowed to rebel when Amish kids are between 14 and 18 years old they’re allowed to go out on an experience with the English world it’s called Rumspringa and during this time teens can go out and do the same things that every other teenager does they do this because the Amish elders are sure that when they experience life out in the world that they’ll return and dedicate themselves to the Amish Way of life they believe teenagers should be able to experience life before being baptized into the Amish community the word Rumspringa is a german word which translates to running around .

number five : how long does Rumspringa last for some teens Rumspringa lasts for only about a week or so others it can last for years the time that an Amish teen spends out in the world isn’t really important it’s their willingness to return to the Amish Way of life and to give up the English Way of life that is really important when a teen is baptized into the Amish community that means they’re ready to live for God alone .

number six : is there a cut-off time for teens to be baptized there really is no cut-off time regarding returning to the Amish community from your Rumspringa many teens find the real world to be a culture shock and they end up craving the safety and security of the Amish community and so they return home very soon like within a week when they come back they are then baptized into the Amish community the teens who enjoy English life can stay away for many many years but if they decide to return to the community they will be welcomed back .

number seven : why don’t honest eyes have faces any plush toy owned by an Amish child is homemade and it has no face the toys are designed to represent the Amish Way of life and the reasons that the dolls have no faces is because the Amish teach their children that it doesn’t matter what you look like you’re worthy of God’s love no matter what .

number eight : they don’t own photographs when it comes to photo albums the Amish only use their minds there are no photographs and no paintings the Amish have no visual records at all of their family members and people from the past if an Amish person were caught with any type of photograph or painting it would be considered a graven image and that is strictly forbidden .

number nine : Amish couples share a bed before getting married this might sound surprising to you but the Amish they make it mandatory for couples to share a bed before getting married it’s called bundling it involves couples sharing the bed for one night they’re not allowed to take part at any type of sexual activity however they are allowed to spend the night in the same bed talking this is supposed to make them closer and it’ll let them decide whether or not they really do belong together in marriage that’s why the Amish allow their teenagers to share a bed while dating .

number ten : you can marry anyone you want or nobody at all the idea that Amish parents arrange marriages for their children that’s not true the Amish believe that you can marry anybody you want as long as they are in your desired category and that they are suited for you they also of course have to be from the Amish community .

number 11 : Amish dating Amish the Amish believe that the person you are dating must be Amish they say it is the only way to have a successful marriage when the Amish go on dates they all need to be in public places except for the bundling which we just talked about in this way they won’t be tempted to do anything that they shouldn’t .

number 12 : Amish couples must have the church’s blessing if an Amish couple is going to be allowed to marry they would need to get the church’s blessing to do so when Amish couples first start dating the man often proposes soon afterward if the church agrees with the marriage the announcement would appear in the town’s newsletter and they would be married shortly thereafter if the church disagrees with the marriage it will not happen .

number 13 : Amish weddings are simple the Amish wedding ceremonies are one of the simplest in the world the bride wears a faded blue dress with a bonnets that covers her hair there is no makeup and no diamonds ring the Amish believe that you should marry for love not for diamonds also the wedding ceremony can last for several hours .

number 14 : the wedding night the Amish wedding night is far from romantic on the wedding night the couple spends the night at the bride’s parents home in the morning they would clean the house as a way to say thank you the next night they would stay at another relative’s home and it’s not until they have stayed at every relative’s home that they can spend the night together just by themselves alone .

number 15 : no home no problem if the newlyweds don’t have a home of their own by the time they’ve slept at every relative’s home they will move in with the bride’s parents and that might sound awful but for the Amish it is perfectly normal .

number 16 : building barns the Amish can build barns that are sturdy enough to last centuries and they don’t use any power tools it’s common practice for the entire community to work together to build a barn for a single family they do it to show their love for their neighbors and to practice selflessness .

number 17 : healthy living it is very rare for the Amish to get cancer or any other serious illness that’s because they grow their own fruits and vegetables and their meat is grass-fed they don’t use hormones they don’t use technology so they’re not surrounded by electrical waves either healthy living helps the Amish to stay healthy .

number 18 : the spoken language Amish are typically fluent in three different languages but the prominent language is German when the Amish landed in America they brought their traditions and language with them all of their religious services are performed in German they learn English so that they can communicate with the english-speaking people who are already on their land and they also speak Pennsylvania Dutch .

number 19 : babies aren’t baptized unlike most religions babies are not baptized when it comes to the Amish they believe people should not be baptized until they are able to decide to commit to the Amish faith themselves since babies can’t make those kinds of decisions Amish people are not baptized until they’re ready and willing to commit which is between the ages of 16 and 24 .

number 20 : follow the book of Orden the Amish have plenty of rules and they are all in a book called Orden the Amish carry their books with them at all times and they know that book by heart if any of those rules are broken there are serious consequences .

number 21 : Mennonites and Amish are not the same if you confuse a Mennonite and an Amish person it’s considered an insult Mennonites are Christian and modern the Amish follow their own version of faith and they drive horses and buggies .

number 22 : punishments when a person breaks one of the rules of the yard and it can result in punishment one of the most severe punishments is called Maya dong and the punishment involves a timeout the person who broke a rule would be shunned from the community but they’d still be allowed to live in the community .

number 23 : excommunication a more harsh punishment is excommunication that means you are shunned by the community and its confines that can last for months at a time when the person is allowed to finally come home they come back with an apologetic heart and they promise to never commit the same crime twice .

number 24 : simple clothing the Amish dress very simply the men wear black pants and a plain shirt the women wear dresses and bonnets they’re not allowed to wear makeup or jewelry they believe in simplicity and it’s been that way for centuries .

number 25 : inbreeding the Amish don’t intentionally marry their cousins or other relatives it does happen though in small communities due to a lack of options .